Testimonials & Projects

Jayne was able to go through 25 years of material and sort through what was pertinent and what was not. We were able to recycle and donate a vast majority of it to others who could use it! With Jayne’s help I know exactly where to go to find what I need. She’s helped me prepare for the future!
School Colleague
I cannot express in words how much I appreciated everything Jayne helped me with. She was available when I was, brought the right supplies to keep the project moving, and was quickly able to get a contractor to assist us in the project. Keep up the good work!
Organized in St. Clair
Thank you so much for walking me through a challenging and difficult task. It was a very fruitful and cleansing time. You are a gift!
Very Satisfied in Sleepy Eye
Jayne is innovative. She’s always reading, talking to leaders in her field, promoting best practices, and staying on the forefront of what’s happening. Making things better is what Jayne is all about!
Colleague in Human Resources
I learned many new ways of storing and displaying the things I own and wanted to keep. I will definitely use your services again!
Satisfied Client, Courtland
Because I lived away from New Ulm, I hired Jayne in a stressful situation. Jayne handled everything from the organization, donation and trash removal, and auctioneer with ease and very little stress for myself. I received helpful organizing resources. She had the expertise I needed and would highly recommend her services.
Grateful Client, New Ulm
Jayne is a great read of people, skillfully gets to the heart of issues, works well with many different types of individuals, and always honors her commitments.  I highly recommend Jayne as a strategic partner for any business.
Pastor/Colleague in New Ulm
I’ve used Jayne on an estate we were dealing with and turned the estate’s house over to her to handle. She did a superior job for us and can’t commend her enough on the way she handled everything!
New Ulm Executive
Shout out to Jayne Jensen for her awesome aid in decluttering my house. Not only does Jayne act as my accountability partner in making the time to do the sorting and sifting, she has great information on where to go with donations, alternative uses, and different perspectives what and how to keep things. TOTALLY LIBERATING!!!!!
Overjoyed in Sleepy Eye